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Prymordia is a one-woman show based out of Seattle, WA. I specialize in handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry pieces and clothing, inspired by humanity's earliest stages of existence, as well as by the burgeoning possibility that we are nearing our last. The result is an aesthetic that combines ragged, voluminous, organic silhouettes with the harsh lines of metal and stone. 

  My process is strongly based in the DIY ethos of punk rock. The goal is to extricate as much of the modern, consumerist bullshit from the creative process as possible - I believe they're calling it "slow fashion" these days. I prefer to source my materials from independent artisans or from larger suppliers who provide ethically manufactured items whenever feasible. I also try to reintroduce this same consciousness later in the cycle of consumption by upcycling and repurposing secondhand or cast-off items. I like to think that in a way, this hearkens back to the ancient concept of utilizing the resources at hand. It also offers a taste of what may become a necessary survival skill in a decimated world.

  My favorite materials are those drawn directly from nature, such as ethically sourced animal bones, wood, or minerals; or those with a tangible and mysterious history, like old lockets turned up at the flea market. My work strives toward an aesthetic of rough, functional beauty, at once both primordial and dystopian.

To see process photos and get updates regarding opportunities to shop in person here in Seattle, follow me on Instagram: @prymordia.

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